Thursday, December 4, 2008

BCS Crisis Resolved

I just figured out how the BCS (Bowl Championship Series, for the lays) conundrum can be vanquished once and for all. To be honest, I can't imagine how no one else has come up with this idea yet. I'll outline my thoughts, and if we're lucky, this post will reach the ears of one President-Elect Barack Obama, and he can finalize this thing with an executive order.
I know how to resolve this issue and keep both sides happy. As it is now, there are certain schools who always feel cheated because they have stellar seasons, yet their standing prevents them from participating in a high-end BCS game. Undefeated teams like Boise State and Ball State will end up at the Humanitarian Bowl when many advocates feel they deserve at least a shot at the National Title, even if that shot comes in an early round of post-season playoffs. It seems like a pretty good idea. We all know how popular March Madness is for basketball season, and let's face it: football is fast becoming America's favorite pasttime. We need some madness for college football too.
Some like the system how it is now. Lots of different teams get the chance to end their season with a win. The bowls represent a great tradition and are certainly representative of college football. So how can we possibly reconcile the sides? How can we possibly find a compromise between the excitement of bowl games and the necessity for playoffs?
It's really quite simple. We combine the two! Get this: the first round of playoffs will be the bowl games with which we are so familiar. Can you imagine the possibilities? Folks will still be pumped about Outback and Rose berths, but then imagine when the winners of the Outback and the Rose go head-t0-head in the second round. This system will create a whole new dynamic. Friends will debate about and bet on the possibility of the Orange Bowl victor beating the Fiesta champ. This new system will take everything we already love about bowl games and multiply it threefold (perhaps even sevenfold, depending on the number of subsequent playoff rounds).
Now to be sure there will definitely be a need for some kind of ranking/seeding process, but we pretty much already have that anyways. Certain bowls are always better than others, so that issue will basically solve itself.
We've got it figured out. Now is the time for hope and change. Now is the time for playoffs in college football. We can keep the bowls, but they don't need to be the be-all, end-all. There is a new realm of excitement and hope that exists beyond those bowl games. Ball State will have the chance to emerge as Motor City champ, and then a chance to go even further and vie for that national championship. There are capable and worthy teams that exist outside of the flawed BCS race, so let's give them the chance they deserve, a chance to have a run-off for the title.
Mr. President, I hope you're listening. You want to get rid of old, corrupt systems, and this is your first (and arguably, most important) chance to do so. Let's draw up a motion and get this thing passed.
Playoffs in college football with the bowls we know and love representing the first round. Together we can. Together we will.

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