Sunday, December 14, 2008

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

Okay, this was about the best break from studying I have ever had. Forget walking around the block, grabbing coffee with friends, enjoying a shot of whiskey, or shooting stick. I looked up from my frantic final paper writing routine to see reports of a man chucking shoes at Bush's head. Size 10 shoes to be precise. Also hilarious is what the man screamed at Bush, which roughly translated amounts to: "this is a farewell kiss, dog."

In my head, it is said in the raspy voice of a mafia godfather with a dash of urban slang. (this-a is a fare-a-well kiss, dawg). Clearly the caffeine and lack of sleep are having their way with my mental processes. Interestingly enough in Arab culture, shoe throwing is a sign of great disrespect. As in, I will throw my shoe at them, which is a disgrace them, if they bear it.

So Bush sneaks in to Iraq all covertly for what amounts to his farewell tour of the region, plays through his greatest hits of democracy, freedom, courage, and victory and just when it seems like a very typical Bush in Iraq moment he avoids a size 10 loafer to the cranium. So lovely.

Editorial update:

Here's the video:

(Via Towleroad.)

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