Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time-Wasting Opportunity

In a horribly wrongheaded attempt to escape the world and all the exams it has to offer, forever, as a kind of hell, Tantalus-style except that the fruit tastes like pain and I have to eat it, I've been dipping into some of my favourite TV programming. In case you live under some terrifically ignorant rocks and somehow haven't heard, the computer is the new TV, and I came across what I've considered the best show out there for years:

Peep Show

No, it is not quite like that. It's called Peep Show because of the way the cameras are used - every single shot is a point-of-view perspective from either of the show's two main characters, Mark and Jeremy, or any handful of lesser characters with whom they interact. In addition to what they see, we also hear their internal voices monologuing their experiences. What makes it truly good, and truly funny, is that Mark and "Jez" are people who think way too much, and for all of us out there who feel like we've murdered more than one social situation by entertaining that little head-voice, Peep Show is your bag. I've posted a link to the first episode of Season 4 above (or "series" as they call our seasons...yeah, the show is British, but none of that BBC crap, just good, solid Channel 4), because it's a stellar representation of the show's style and format, and the plot situation at this point is pretty well explained.

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