Monday, December 22, 2008

Finding The Origins Of Humanity

( Zeresenay Alemseged: Finding the origins of humanity)

There's little doubt in my mind that some of America's religious insanity could at least be moderated if all schoolchildren learned the truth about evolution.

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donnie brasco said...

wow. In calling Warren intolerant you are the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black. In fact, I think the responder on the DI page was absolutely correct in saying you are at least as intolerant as Warren. Are you capable of civility with people whom you disagree? I'm for gay marriage, but I also realize that the opinions of Warren and Obama are more mainstream than my views on this topic, and frankly I wouldn't call them names over it.

You're claim that you are just responding to what Warren said first and that therefore justifies your own name calling and intolerance is the logic of a classless simpleton.

As far as the "shock-jock" strategy in your title, I recommend leaving that to Howard Stern.

Stern is intelligent, logical, entertaining, and yes, annoying.

You're just annoying.