Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year

Well, it's been quite a year. Political coverage dominated my life from the Iowa caucuses in early January straight on through to election night in early November. Though I didn't join the DI Opinions staff until August, I got my blogging feet wet this summer and have been posting a wide variety of material ever since. It's really been a lot of fun. However, I'm signing off until January 2, as I'll be on the road quite a bit until then. But there will be plenty of new posts in 2009. In fact, the plan is to have more original content alongside the material I bring in from other sources. So stay tuned. You're in for a wild ride--I promise.


Nate said...

Loves it.

Katie Gadient said...

Happy New Year you pipe smoking weirdo. Can't wait to catch up with you in 2009.