Thursday, December 25, 2008

O'Reilly Love Him the Torture

So, hunched at the breakfast table letting a few hundred cc's of coffee kick in, waiting for the rest of the family to wake up and this whole Christmas cavalcade to come rolling on through, I let my eyes stray across the opinions page of the Murfreesboro local paper. Oh my, am I glad my grandmother was puttering with the turkey in the kitchen, and she didn’t hear the scree of really un-holiday-seasonal expletives break out of me. The article I was reading was a reprint of Bill O’Reilly’s Christmas Eve column.

And on top of the article itself, I love that Murfreesboro (a town about twenty minutes’ drive from Nashville proper, in a setup kinda like Chicago and its satellites but decidedly less irritating in its sprawl) chose to print it in their Christmas issue, ensuring that all these lovely people, yawning, watching their children destroy wrapping paper, popping Xanax, carry around an O’Reillyist slant on this, the day of birth of our Lord. The feelings of holiday joy, spiritual buoyancy and family values are now associated with fearing the evil-doers and terrorists who’ve just been waiting for Obama’s internal security weak-sauce to take office…which is nothing new, it just makes me chuckle a bit to see it in action.

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