Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Huff Post Nuggets

  • It seems even the sex industry needs help from the government these days as Larry Flint and Joe Francis plan to ask for government funds.

  • Should national service programs be part of Obama's economic recovery plan?

  • Gov. Palin's future son-in-law is unemployed, by choice.

  • An apologetic view of Somali pirates

    Anonymous said...

    You could have saved yourself a few keystrokes on this posting by simply posting the following instead: "U SHOULD REED TEH HUFF POST YO."

    Seriously, what a perfect example of copy-paste journalism. A blog posting with no additional commentary or overarching theme whatsoever. HEY LOL CHEK DIS OUT

    Nate said...

    Anonymous, form something constructive and mature, even if negative, or we're shutting your access off.

    If you don't like it, go somewhere else.

    Neal Schuett said...


    Anonymous said...

    I can only react to what you blog, and as this post illustrates, you blog junk, jackass.

    Christopher Patton said...

    Posting content from other sources on blogs and citing them is much like running AP articles in the paper. There's original content, too, but there's nothing wrong with syndication. And if you really think it's so bad, then why do you bother coming to our site?

    Anonymous said...

    I am a tremendous douchebag, with little to no tangible opinions, just a mouth like a 4th grader and the intellect of a 2nd grader. Please ignore my completely stupid rants. I'm off to have sex with my mother. Later, Brahs!