Friday, January 16, 2009

Steve King Keeps It Classy In 2009

The Iowa Independent reports:
Six out of the seven members of Iowa’s congressional delegation will jointly host a reception for Iowans in Washington, D.C. following the swearing-in of President-elect Barack Obama. U.S. Rep. Steve King, a Republican representing the state’s 5th District, is the lone holdout.

The official announcement concerning the reception was made jointly Thursday by the offices of U.S. Sens. Tom Harkin (D) and Chuck Grassley (R). A spokeswoman in Harkin’s Washington office said King, like all Iowa members of the U.S. House, was extended an invitation to also host the reception. King declined, she said, without offering an explanation.

Iowa Independent’s request for further information from King’s office has not been answered.

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Perhaps King is too busy planning his emergency escape route in case his fears regarding Obama transforming the United States into a totalitarian dictatorship turn out to be justified.

In any case, King's lack of enthusiasm about the inauguration isn't exactly surprising, given this gem of a film clip that I've posted and discussed previously:

Seriously, can't an at least moderately sane Republican be found to challenge King in the 2010 primary? Please?

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