Monday, January 5, 2009

Like Our Blog? Check Out Our Twitter Page!

You can get our Twitter updates on the Podium's sidebar, on the dedicated page, in an RSS feed reader, on your cellphone, and even a few other ways if you really want.

Here's a taste:

* Al Franken owns Ann Coulter on who in history they'd be to change things: Via Minnesota Independent: 46 minutes ago
* "A new study puts the generation costs for power from new nuclear plants at ... triple current U.S. electricity rates!" about an hour ago
* "To boost recruits, US Army relaxes weight rules." Yet the queers are still unwelcome. Rational basis problems anyone? about 2 hours ago
* Sorry, Hannity: I'm no fan of political dynasties, but Caroline Kennedy isn't half as stupid as Sarah Palin. about 2 hours ago
* Yes, Hannity/Coulter, seventh graders should know how to put condoms on. It's a great way to prevent disease and teen pregnancy. about 3 hours ago

Wikipedia provides good basic information about Twitter.

For more on Twitter and social media in general check out the FASTforward blog.

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