Monday, January 26, 2009

Nagging Administrators Remind Us That Smoking Isn't Allowed On Campus

The UI has sent out yet another e-mail today reminding the community that smoking isn't allowed on campus--just in case anyone forgot over winter break, I guess. I did notice at least two people violating this policy on my way to the newsroom today, however, so it's clear that the message has yet to fully sink in.

Here's the reminder:
Dear Members of the UI Community:

In accordance with the Iowa Smoke-Free Air Act, The University of Iowa was designated a smoke-free campus effective July 1, 2008. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor areas on campus, including University buildings, campus grounds, parking lots, athletic fields, and recreational facilities. State law also prohibits smoking in off-campus buildings being used by the University for University business.

We ask that all students, staff and faculty help us comply with the Iowa Smoke-Free Air Act by refraining from smoking in prohibited areas.

Information on the smoking policy, smoking cessation resources, boundary maps and other frequently asked questions is available on the Smoking Policy website at

The University and the State offer free or low-cost assistance to smokers who wish to quit. A complete list of smoking cessation resources is available on the smoking policy website.

Jonathan Carlson
Senior Associate to the President
Co-Chair, Smoking Policy Implementation Team

Joni Troester
Director, UI Wellness, Human Resources
Co-Chair, Smoking Policy Implementation Team

As we reported in the Daily Iowan late last year:
Iowa's smoking ban hasn't exactly lit a fire underneath local police to crack down on illegal smokers.

Since the ban went into effect on July 1, people are prohibited from smoking in almost all public facilities, with the exception of casinos' gaming floors.

UI police have responded to 84 smoking calls, 27 of which were complaints, but no citations have been issued.

This isn't surprising, as the idea of prohibiting smoking throughout the entire UI campus is inherently ridiculous. I've already written a column about that. However, this fact clearly doesn't matter to the nanny-state Iowa legislators who passed the law or the persistent nags who attempt to enforce it here at the university.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes if it's late at night i'll smoke in the bathroom in the building I'm studying in....just to spite the law. if there hadn't been the outside ban i never would have done that. i know, it is insanely childish, but somehow it always puts a smile on my face. ignoring stupid laws by breaking more serious ones is fun.

Anonymous said...

Administrators; go fuck a goat.