Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Libertarian Take On Shoe-Throwing

Nick Gillespie hits the streets in Washington D.C. to ask Obama supporters why they were throwing shoes at a giant inflatable George W. Bush and what their biggest hopes and fears are for the Obama Administration.


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taco said...

I'd like to kick the people whose only fear is that he might not be RE-elected. That's the mark of a political sheep if there ever was one. With that attitude it seems unlikely that they'll be paying any attention to current events until sometime in 2012.

Great video though. I've seen a lot of these types of videos this election cycle and I'd love to see more, I think it gives critical texture to otherwise starched public opinion poll data. And for whatever reason, the mainstream media doesn't care to spend very much time on pieces like this. Bloggers could really carve out a niche with this, as a news junkie I think I would enjoy an objectively produced three-minute piece like this after any major story.