Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Inaugural Freak Show

Max Blumenthal reports:
On January 7, second-term Republican Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia and two friends prayed over a door. It was not just any door, but the entranceway beneath the Capitol that President-elect Barack Obama will pass through as he walks onto the inaugural stage to take the oath of office. “I hope and pray that as God stirs the heart of our new president that President Obama will listen and will heed God’s direction,” Broun proclaimed.


While Mahoney prayed, Rev. Rob Schenck turned his palms to the sky and muttered, “Yes” and “Have mercy” over and over. Then, he dipped his fingers in a jar of oil and painted several crosses on the door’s brass framing “as they did the furnishings of the tabernacle in the temple to the use of God and his word,” he prayed.

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And here's the video:

Wow. Wow.


Michelle said...

I'm not calling foul just yet, but I'm calling "suspect" on this post. To be fair I should state that I'm Christian, but not a Born Again or Fundamental Christian - I've heard a variety of definitions of those terms so I'll be more explicit. I don't believe the Bible is literal, I believe it is figurative. I believe in evolution, not that the earth is somehow "6000 years old". I don't believe in fate, I believe in free will. That said, I have no problem with the video - I know a LOT of fundamental Christians, and from my knowledge and experience with them I see only a positive message in this video - they are wishing the next President the best despite their political philosophical differences. In other words, I believe they are being sincere in what they believe to be the nicest and most true way possible, by asking their Lord and Savior to bless Obama and all things in his presidency. I don't see this being done out of fear in any way, shape, or form.

Point I'm getting to is it seems like you are picking on them because they are Fundamental Christians - is that the case? If it were the newly elected Congressman from Minnesota who is Muslim and he was down on his prayer mat somehow blessing the passage with a copy of the Koran, or a similar ritual but in the faith of Islam, VooDoo, Hinduism, or some religon OTHER than Christianity would you be so critical or likely to post? Ask yourself that to make sure you aren't being a hypocrite. I've never seen you be explicitly critical of another religon, I'm not sure you aren't someone who doesn't discriminate against Christians...let me be clear, asking for further explanation because I'm suspect, but not accusing you of anything YET.

What say you?


Michelle said...

To be fair I wanted to include my google ID so you don't think I'm one of the crazies that jump on here from time to time.


Christopher Patton said...

I think you're right. I am indeed mocking their religion, which I view to be silly and detrimental to our society. And, yes, I criticize Muslims, too. Search the blog and you'll find some examples.

I'm tolerant in that I believe these people have every right to engage in religious practices of their choosing. But I also believe in my right to engage in free speech criticizing those practices if I so choose. They're free to criticize me back--freedom works both ways.

Michelle said...

So long as you are an equal opportunity insulter, that's all i was really hoping for.

A little coaching to benefit you as you get older and have to leave the warm and safe environment of the University...."freedom works both ways" ... no crap, really? Thank you for stating the obvious. If you respond/behave this way in the work force, NOBODY will like you or want to work with you. You should NOT assume that the people you are talking to are makes you come off as arrogant and condescending even if that isn't your intent. Show a bit more respect for you audience if you want to get very far.


Christopher Patton said...

If you think me writing that freedom works both ways is somehow insulting to you, then you're far too sensitive.

Michelle said...

Christopher, young man, I'm trying to do you a favor. I'm not insulted but, and it is a sad but true reality, MANY people will be (also I fully admit i overstated by saying NOBODY would like to work with you - I was exaggerating to make a point).

Speaking as a woman, I can tell you a MAJORITY of women will be offended and consider you an arrogant arse even if you don't mean things that way. If you think my response to you, which by the way at no point and time did I state I was "insulted", warranted your response, you're being to DEFENSIVE. Again, here is a little life coaching by example, if you wanted to convey that idea here is an example of what you should have wrote


It was never my intent to insult your intelligence, it was more my way of completing a thought. I appreciate you bringing up your concern, I'm glad you are comfortable enough with our relationship to bring it up, and believe I never intended to insult your intelligence."

Now you might think that's overkill, and it is, but you say something like this once and you'll have a solid working relationship. If however you continue to talk as though you are doing the person a favor by even talking to them and in fact doing them a GREAT favor by showing them the true errors in their ways, and you'll be hated.

Trust me young Chris, be nice. You'll thank me for it later.

I am now done with trying to teach you some of the social skills your parents probably tried to teach you. You get the last word if you so choose.

Christopher Patton said...

I'm not being mean, I'm being terse. I don't have time to write extensive and heartfelt replies to every commenter. Single-sentence replies to individuals who happen to be reading this blog are obviously very different from the extensive interactions I have with my co-workers. The conclusions you're drawing are quite odd.