Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bike rack blunder

What's the deal with the city thinking the best place to shovel all of the snow on the sidewalks is the bike racks? Who thought this was a good idea? For those of us not driving a car the two blocks from our apartment to downtown this is kind of slap in the face. The other day I actually had a city worker tell me to move my bike from the rack because he was going to pile snow all over it. It makes no sense to punish people who are making an effort to alleviate Iowa City's already impossible parking situation.
Maybe as an alternative the city should designate one parking spot per block to pile snow. Last time I checked one parking spot can hold one car. However, bicycle racks can hold anywhere to around ten bicycles. From the city's point of view the math just doesn't add up, but the snow on the bike racks continues to.

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Jon Gold said...

You're a nut for biking in this weather, but that's a very good point.