Friday, February 22, 2008

Early nominee for delusional statement of the year.

Keith Olbermann asks Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, national Clinton co-chair, about the debate;

"Martin Luther King had a phrase that he used in 1968, that he'd been to the mountaintop..."

oh, dear God, she can't possibly be...uh...

"frankly I think Senator Clinton took America tonight to the mountaintop."

Wow! Seriously? You're going there? Yes, I often recall MLK discussing change we can xerox. Most people remember "I have a dream" but I always like the xerox line better myself. What debate were you watching, Sheila? She followed up with this nugget, "It wasn't about attack it was about distinction."

She accused her opponent of plagiarism! Seriously. For all the claims of messianic idol-worship that Obama supporters are accused of, this is the biggest example of drinking the kool-aid I've seen in this campaign.


andrewswift said...

What's sort of amusing is that Clinton herself took her closer from John Edwards, who took it from her husband.


mw (DWSUWF) said...

Well. Not exactly Andrew. You see if Edwards got it from Bill CLINTON, then Edwards was doing the borrowing.

And if Hillary "borrowed" it from anywhere, then it is far more likey she got it from the Bill CLINTON campaign - don't you think? To insert Edwards into this because he also borrowed from the Bill CLINTON campaign is a red herring and well, kind of stupid.

It also seems likely that if Hillary CLINTON got the phrase from Bill CLINTON's '92 campaign, it is possible, even likely, Hillary CLINTON wrote if for him. You know they were married then, and I hear she was kind of involved in his campaign. In case you were unaware of that fact.

The funny thing about plagiarism - it isn't plagiarism, if you wrote it yourself. Even if you wrote it 16 years ago.

Jon Gold said...

Actually, under certain circumstances, it is. But this is all idiotically overblown; the product of a campaign in its last desperate hours.

andrewswift said...

Yes! Angry outsiders! Hooray!