Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday

Well, it was a draw, which is essentially a victory for Obama, considering she's the establishment candidate and had all the name recognition in the world, and he just didn't have enough time. The rest of the schedule is very Obama friendly, and now Drudge has a rumor that the Clintons are tapping into their own money to finance their campaign.

If that's true, they're in a lot more trouble than Mark Penn lets on.

p.s. Mark Penn is a douchebag.


Nate said...

Nonsense, Andrew. You're obviously sexist if you think Clinton didn't win every single delegate last night, along with stealing 5,873 delegates from the Republican contest!

Hillary's nomination is nearly complete! She's run a great campaign, along with inventing the fork, writing the constitution, and running one helluva campaign!

(emulating Howard Dean) HEEEEYAAAAAAH!!!

andrewswift said...

I get the feeling this will turn into a running joke.

Independent said...

Shouldn't it, Andrew? It was a joke of a statement he made. Fitting.