Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Campaign cashed-out

So, Obama drew in some $30 million in January, but still trails slightly (depending on who you ask) in votes. And Clinton's going to make her campaign get by on somewhere between $5 and $20 million that she and Bill have pulled out of their own pockets (whoops, was that sexist of me?).

What about a cap?

Maybe not a total cap on all fund raising. Start small, think baby steps. How about a media cap? You could knock out two birds with one stone; soothe those that complain about the TV ads while reigning in a bit of the huge money machine that Presidential politics has mutated into. Maybe limit television and radio ad spending to $5 million.

How about taking care of those nasty push poll ads and calls during dinner? Limit spending on phone service to $3 million. Problem there is the skill in campaigning might be upstaged by skill in finding a good phone plan from a cheap carrier. And candidates might be hampered pretty severely in their GOTV efforts if limited to, say, 5,000 minutes a month on their cellphone plans.

Point is there are ways to tame this beast without making it a whimpering bitch of a chihuahua, trembling in lady liberty's Dolce Gabbana purse. Baby steps. By attacking the specifics we can nail the big picture.

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