Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grab bag

Some random thoughts to go with your Wednesday morning bowl-of-cereal-in-front-of-the-computer.

  • How will the Clinton camp spin the Wisconsin loss? A reminder that Michigan, Florida, New York, and California are the only states that matter? Chelsea doesn't like the Brewers new logo? Was it because they didn't do that 19th debate? You got 18, not 19. Ask the Patriots about that, Hillary.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, New York Magazine. (NSFW) It's heartening to see that Lindsay Lohan has gotten a healthy amount of meat back on her bones. Classy nude shoots don't often get hot, but, well, yeah. I'm losing track of my thoughts.
  • Word has it that Iowa City municipal workers are now raiding McDonalds condiment counters for packets of salt. Evidently it's for their fries, not the sidewalks, because I'm not seeing much improvement.
  • Mike Huckabee really is hurting his party. Much as it scorches the throat to say so, Romney is the better party man in this case. By quitting and calling for the fractured GOP to being to line up he seems the more selfless of the two. Huck, dude, you've got no shot. Period. It's done. Seriously. Now that I've said that, let the Kathleen lecture begin.
  • How does Joe Scarborough see through those squinty eyelids?
  • So, we're shooting down this satellite on Thursday? Any way we can shove Paris Hilton and Britney Spears into the fuselage of that rocket?
Two items I forgot to mention.
  • Thank you so much, Sony, for making my life immensely difficult. The HD format war is over, and you've won. No more HD DVD's. Great. I'm so glad I bought a $200 paperweight last month. Sure, it plays HD DVD's but I bought it solely because it looks nice next to my XBox 360 and it makes a pleasant sound when turned on. Seriously, I refuse to buy a stupid BluRay player. Ever. If I get one for a gift, however, I'd be happy. Hint, hint. My birthday is coming up. Ahem.
  • Jon Stewart! Congrats! After months of grueling shows without the aid of a staff you FINALLY GOT YOUR WRITERS BACK! Excellent! You must be so excited! Your first week with your writers in several months and, wait, what's that? Huh? You're taking the week off? No new episodes of the Daily Show this week? Yeah, THAT makes sense.


andrewswift said...

Someone on CNN said that they hadn't gotten an e-mail from the Clinton camp with their spin tonight.

Damn. They don't even have anything to say.

Drudge had a link to the Lohan piece a few days ago. Not safe for work.

p.s. I wanted to make a sexist joke for you citing naked women but I figured Jon would scold me.

Nate said...

Funny that the only part of her body that doesn't have freckles are her, ahem, um, yeah. Those.

Classy shoot, though.

Kathleen said...

You're obviously picking on Huckabee because he used to be fat. You're such a sizeist.

I have a theory about why Huckabee stays in. McCain is technically still running for the nomination. Thus, he's still using primary funds - but he's really focusing on the general election. But technically - it's still the primaries. He can still max out his 2300 from donors twice.

Of course, Ron Paul is still in it, and I don't know what the determining factor is for primary fundraising vs. general election. But, even if he takes public financing w/Obama (which would be incredible!) he can still hang onto primary funds & use them toward his next re-election - be it Senate or Presidential.

I don't know enough about the specifics of campaign finance law, but I'll continue to believe that Huck sticks around just to help the real nominee through a loophole in McCain-Feingold. :)

andrewswift said...

I believe it's the conventions.

Kathleen said...

I also think Huckabee is staying in to keep Republicans somewhat visible. The Hillary-Obama catfight has become the media focus of the primaries. If Huckabee stays in, even if they think he's a kook - the media has something to talk about. McCain's already treated like he's irrelevant. He won't even get a mention if he's the only one on the ballot.

Rob Verhein said...

I love the Brewers logo. Just for the record.

Jon Gold said...

Nate, if you link to nude pix again without including an NSFW tag, you're not getting that Blu-Ray player.