Sunday, February 24, 2008

Get your galoshes on

This is going to be a nasty, nasty week. I'm not talking about the weather, either.

It's desperate times for the Clinton campaign. Every last trick in the book, everything but the kitchen sink, will be thrown at Barack Obama this week. Whether or not any of the mud pies will stick will be up to the voters on March 4th.

He's a plagiarist, and his voters are delusional. He's not patriotic because he doesn't wear it on his sleeve, literally, and his wife hates the country. He lacks substance. His plans aren't truly universal. Next we'll hear how he once didn't rinse off his dishes, hates kittens, and never puts the lid down.

Clinton will say anything - at least anything left she hasn't said yet - to win this thing. She'll say it this week. She sounded almost resigned to the numbers in last week's debate, like she was trying to convince herself that "we'll be okay" after this race is over. She needs 65% in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to win. Even then, there's the superdelegates. Even then, there's Michigan and Florida. I'm sure losing in one sense won't mean a gracious bow out, but an introduction to a new strategy.

Now she's attacking old Obama mailers, one of which quotes the DI endorsement. We're not reputable, as a paper, because we're students. Funny, that after Iowa voted we weren't as important as Michigan or Florida, and the same after-the-fact logic is being used now on the Daily Iowan endorsement. I wonder if the Clinton camp would have used our editorial if we had endorsed her instead.

It's going to be an ugly, disgusting, filthy week. Full of attacks, slams, and screeching from the polarizing harpy. True to the month in which it's likely she'll go out, she's likely to go out like a lion, kicking and screaming and raising holy hell.

I'm looking forward to April, and for more than a change in weather.


Jon Gold said...

Also, nobody's yet said we got anything wrong, merely that we're a bunch of young whippersnappers. I say we egg's house.

Nate said...

Factcheck told AP we were right, just that we were less credible because we're a student paper.

Funny, because we're held to pretty high standards, as anyone on our website messageboards can attest to.

Can't win, either way.

Jon Gold said...

Yee haw! I'm gonna rope me a Pulitzer! *plays banjo*