Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Breaking news

John McCain is too old, and out of touch, to be the first president of the 21st century.

(Yes, I recognize that Bush technically has claimed that title. But let's be real - these last 8 years have been all about what was wrong with the 20th century in this country.)


Nate said...


andrewswift said...

All too easy.

Jon Gold said...

Frankly, I've never quite understood what "out of touch" means. Do we really expect presidents and senators to be reading Pitchfork and watching Lost?

andrewswift said...

Considering I do neither, I'd like to say I don't think that's the criteria.

How about someone who's worked with real Americans, on the streets, in recent time? Not just stuck in Washington all the time.

How about someone who actually understands the follies of American foreign policy - you don't qualify, Hillary, which is why I don't support you (among other reasons) - and is smart enough to know that "talking tough" is most of the time the same as talking dumb.

How about someone who probably knows a thing or two about Iran, instead of pitching militaristic appeals to American ignorants?

How about someone who countermands their earlier correct comments about Falwell et all being agents of intolerance?

Etc. Etc.

I wrote too much!

Jon Gold said...

I think "out of touch" is code for "doesn't talk the right kind of populist, 'family-values', condescending crap."

andrewswift said...

Well, I'm not populist, nor do I consider myself a "family-values" voter (and the term frankly means nothing).

Condescending, yes.

Jon Gold said...

I don't dispute that "family values" is a meaningless shibboleth, but I still think "out-of-touch" is just as useless. What about "not as moderate as his reputation says?" What about "votes with Bush on most of the important stuff?"

andrewswift said...

Too long! Use less wordage!