Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Republicans Determined to Have a Voice?

A woman from Texas called in to a talk radio program about the upcoming primary. The primary/caucus system in Texas is even more confusing than Iowa's, so I'm not sure which one they have, but they are not restricted by party. This woman was a Republican & she knew McCain was going to get their nomination, so she's going to vote in the Democratic primary. She couldn't decide if she should vote for Obama (who she likes better) or Clinton (who she thinks will lose & get a Republican in office.)

It's an interesting situation, and may make polling data even more insignificant. I haven't looked into how many of the remaining primaries are open, so I'm unsure how much influence Republicans could have on the neck-in-neck campaign between Obama and Clinton. But, it makes sense - Republican voters know that McCain's going to win, so why not get in on the spectacle that is the Democratic nomination?

I don't know how many Republicans will do this, or how much influence it will ultimately have, but who would it help? I'm inclined to think more Republicans will vote for Obama - just to ensure that they don't end up with another President Clinton.

Any thoughts?


Jon Gold said...

I think when people started trying to apply their knowledge of electoral tactics to voting, something good about this country withered and died.

Kathleen said...

I thought that happened when Howard Dean's scream was on every headline.

Jon Gold said...

Or when it was remixed ad nauseum on YouTube.

andrewswift said...

The media killed him. I swear it. Also! Best DNC Chairman EVER.

Jon Gold said...

He's the Roger Ailes of the left.