Monday, February 4, 2008

Tickle Me Huckabee

I’ve listened to Mike Huckabee’s stump speech several times, and he never fails to impresses me. He has a quality that many Republicans are lacking: He’s genuine. No doubt that is why he gained so much support in Iowa (well, that and Chuck Norris.) While I don’t agree with the former governor of Arkansas on many issues, I can’t help but like him.

Huckabee has been very open about his family life and his upbringing in Hope, Arkansas. One of his big issues is education; which is understandable as he was the first person in his family to graduate from high school. He also has an intimate understanding of the healthcare crisis in America (or, as he calls it, “disease care” since our system relies on treatment rather than prevention.) After facing life-threatening consequences due to obesity, the Governor lost over 100 lbs. When he’s on the stump talking about education, healthcare, and the working class and I can’t help but feel like I’m listening to a Democrat. It’s not until he starts talking about the bible that I’m reminded why he’s a Republican. I can’t think of a single political proposal that I find more preposterous than changing our constitution to define marriage. Because of his religious beliefs, Governor Huckabee supports altering the constitution to exclude gay people, and he’s never wavered on his pro-life position; unlike Mitt Romney who has changed positions on both of these issues.

Because of his upbringing, Mike Huckabee probably understands poverty and the working class better than any remaining candidate on either side. That is another claim that Mitt Romney cannot make. A successful businessman from a political family, Romney has invested millions of dollars from his own fortune to pursue the Republican nomination. Mitt Romney is anything but genuine, and he seems determined to do anything it takes to win the nomination. The contrast between these two individuals couldn’t be broader. But right now, the day before Super Tuesday, one important thing they have in common is their position on socially conservative issues. Mike Huckabee’s positions that I’ve always disagreed with fill me with delight on this particular day. In the delegate count, Huckabee is a very long shot for the Republican nomination, but he refuses to drop out of the race before Super Tuesday. For that, I could kiss his formerly fat face.

I’ve been listening to Sean Hannity’s radio show all week. Hannity and other social conservatives are irate that Huckabee won’t drop out. Many Republicans view him as somewhat of a Ralph Nader to Mitt Romney’s Al Gore. In the same way that Ralph Nader infuriated Democrats for “siphoning votes” from Al Gore in 2000, Huckabee is being accused of splitting the social conservative votes in the important Super Tuesday primary. It’s true that Huckabee is unlikely to win the nomination; and if he does end up splitting the social conservative vote, it may be the best thing he could do for this country. While I respectfully disagree with Huckabee, I’m frightened by Mitt Romney’s recent conversion to social conservatism on the campaign trail. Romney will continue to do everything he can to win his party’s nomination, including changing his positions, attacking his opponents, and investing his own personal fortune to gain political power. If Mike Huckabee does nothing more than keep Mitt Romney out of the white house, he will not only have my respect, but my undying gratitude. America should thank Mike Huckabee.


Nate said...

Yeah, he had me fooled for awhile, just like Jon had a raging boner for Romney for a bit there.

Huck might be the worlds most talented ventriloquist. He talks out of both the left and right sides of his mouth as well as, occasionally, the middle.

Kathleen said...

I don't know if he's a ventriloquist, but he tells this story about when he was a kid & the governor came to their small town. His undereducated, overworked dad made him go and told him, "Son, you may go your whole life without ever meeting the governor." And then, he grew up and went to college and one day he became the governor. *sniff* awww, it just gets me choked up every time. I don't want him to be my president and select my supreme court justices, but the man has a very compelling story. His is a genuine version of Mr. Hairdo "Son of a millworker." I think Mitt Romney would make a better ventriloquist since he doesn't have a soul.

Nate said...

Romney is like an oscar meyer hot dog; he SOUNDS great until you have him (ask Mass) and realize he's just very finely processed bullshit.

PeterofLoneTree said...

As Warren Pease said in his discussion of how the media has manipulated the candidacies of potential nominees over at Online Journal (
"We're now down to three corporatists and a Strangelovian loon."

andrewswift said...

Huckabee is batshit crazy - like, quarantining AIDS patients crazy.

andrewswift said...

And I desperately want Mitt Romney to become the Republican nominee. Obama would beat the man by 20% in the general.