Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have an idea

Lets all write columns from other columnist's perspectives.

Also I love this blog. Do we get paid for writing on it?

Edit: I have the worst problem in using apostrophes where they don't belong (originally read Let's).


Nate said...

I hat'd this blog, then I realiz'd; it's a blog. Political and social banter in feces form. Good times.

Apostrophe's rock.

We get paid, if it get's published, and if we remember to write that it got published on Jon's fancy new electronic calendar.

Kathleen said...

How would we write from other perspectives? Like, I'd say, "I'm better than everyone else. Judge-judge-judge. People are stupid." and you'd know I was Nate?

Or, if I said, "I don't need to listen to Republicans, I'm just really smart and I know they're all crooks." and I'd be Jon?

And someone else could fill a column with thousands of unneccesary words. Is that what you mean?

andrewswift said...

Yes. And someone could write like Beau - in all tangent form.

Anonymous said...

somebody comment on my blog posts. i feel left out.

Nate said...

"Republicans suck. Democrats Suck. Independents suck. Ron Paul walks on water. If you're not a feminist you're a misogynist."


Kinda like that?

andrewswift said...

I really wish people would read this blog.

Kathleen said...

"When women talk to me, it's like they're speaking in another language and I can't comprehend anything they're saying."

Jon Gold said...

"There are people in the middle east who don't like each other."
- Andrew

Jon Gold said...

Also, if any of you bring me a column with that many abused apostrophes, I'll hide snakes in your car.

andrewswift said...