Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Canary in the coal mine

For the rest of time, can we remember that whenever a Presidential Candidate uses a Saturday Night Live skit as an indicator of how the media is biased against them, it means their campaign is toast?

I'm about to turn this off. I never want to see HRC on TV again.

Update: Oh my God! MSNBC has it in for her! I guess that's what you get for wanting one of their reporters fired.

Update update: Oh my God! Hillary Clinton knows nothing about this guy. She doesn't even know his name!

Update x3: OK, neither of them know that he runs Gazprom. Blah.


Jon Gold said...

"I'm Andrew Swift. Nobody knows anything about foreign relations except me!"

That said, "it's Medvedev, you hicks!"

andrewswift said...


Kathleen said...

Joe Biden knows. Obviously nobody cares about that sort of thing or Biden & Richardson would've stuck around longer.

Nate said...

Ron Paul, aaaaaaaaagh.

Jon Gold said...

...that's great, Nate.