Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shoes and feet

And boots, for that matter, which have allegedly been knocking in the McCain campaign.

Bill Clinton fools around with an intern.  He gets raked over the coals, dragged through the muck, and, scorched and dirty, gets impeached.

John McCain allegedly has a relationship with a lobbyist, for whom, say the Post and the Times, he used his leverage as chair of the Senate Commerce Committee to do favors.  He might not even lose his presidential bid.

Upon reflection, though, this couldn't possibly help him with the social conservatives that are already a little leery of him.  After all, they're the only ones who actually care about crap like this.  But there are legions of people who don't, in their heart of hearts, care about this crap either,
but will absolutely vote against him to convince themselves that they're moral people.

I've no idea what the full fallout will be.  I kind of hope it ends up with the GOP nominating someone completely impractical like Huckabee to run against Obama. (And let's face it, it's looking more like Obama every day.)

I'm not going to attack John McCain for this, either.  I don't think the personal lives of politicians, unless they're selling secrets to the Chinese, are any of our business; a product of my formative years, which were during the Clinton presidency.

But it's hard not to crow, just a little bit.


Independent said...

Nothing even happened, either. It was the idea that things may have been heading in that direction that forced his folks to cut her out.

At least McCain isn't a plagiarist.

Nate said...

I love the multiple links in one sentence. I'll bet few noticed, but that's the beauty of our little chatroom here.

Dennis Miller was saying Clinton is her own fat lady and she's about to break into song. I love hearing it, but I worry about jinxes. And I don't think Hillary's particularly fat. Huckabee's wife, mabye, but not Billary.

I hear if Huckabee somehow gets elected that his wife has promised Dan Snyder she will play DE, possibly OLB, though I don't know if she's quick enough for DE. I know she'd be the ugliest DE in the league. YA BETTA ASK SOMEBODAAAY!


Jon Gold said...

Yes, we're high-minded here, why do you ask?

Kathleen said...
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Kathleen said...

The discourse just drops lower and lower in this election.

andrewswift said...

I want to see a year-end round up of deleted comments.

Jon Gold said...

Uh, why?