Thursday, February 14, 2008

HRC's poorly run campaign keeps on truckin

I would love to, in the interest of journalistic objectivity, write a column complaining about slimy tactics or garbage arguments from the Obama campaign. I read the news waiting for a slip up. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for that to happen. HRC seems to be on a roll in those categories, though. Another day and another example of the same old politics from the Clinton camp.

I'm pleased that Clinton is finally using a slogan/motto that she didn't steal from the Obama team (see "Yes, she/we can" and "Turn the page"), but this original theme that her stooges have come up with is so incredibly lame.

I think it started about six or seven years ago. Not the campaign slogan, but semantic alterations on the roads.

It was about that time that I started seeing changes on interstate 80. Semis always have their company slogans on the backs and sides of their trailers. Heartland, USF Dugan, Fleet, Swift, CRST; they all did it. Freight companies, trucking companies, became "logistics providers." Being a trucking company just doesn't sound as marketable, I suppose. "Logistics solutions," for your freight dilemmas. Similar changes happened with "IT solutions" and other industries.

Whatever. It's still a freaking trucking company. Just like a sanitation engineer is a garbage man, and an editorial writer is an opinionated bastard who doesn't like reporting.

Describing a trucking company as dealing in "logistics" or providing "solutions" is as apt as describing my eating a box of Oreos as "consumption management." It sounds nice, but it's hollow, meaningless, and pompous.

Enter HRC and her new campaign theme. She and her husband (yes, Virginia, they're still separate people) spent Thursday describing a Clinton presidency as one that would provide solutions. "Solutions for America" are, according to the campaign, more substantive than Obama's "speeches." Clinton; "My opponent gives speeches. I offer solutions."

It was dumb and empty when I saw it on the side of a semi. It's dumb now when I see HRC screeching it from the mountaintops.

And as long as we're being technical, neither candidate can offer anything more than speech right now, seeing as they haven't been elected to the office yet. It's all words, Hillary, nothing more than semantic garnish. Which is exactly what "solutions" is. Incidentally, garnish is about what your efforts are looking like lately; sad, wilting, and of no relevance. I'll bet you can't wait for Texas and Ohio.


andrewswift said...

" ...and an editorial writer is an opinionated bastard who doesn't like reporting."

Truer words have never been written.

Also! Hillary gave us an idea into what her solutions would be like when she voted for the Iraq War Resolution because, as Lincoln Chaffee put it in his new book, that "they were afraid the war would be short and gas prices cheap."

This boggles my mind - she wants to talk about judgment, and experience, and she voted for the biggest American policy mistake of my life. Give me a break.

Jon Gold said...

Who is this Virginia, and why are we constantly confirming things for her?

Independent said...

"Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus."

Google. Wiki. Take your pick.