Thursday, February 14, 2008

It hurts already.

It's coming.

Cubs pitchers and catchers reported yesterday.

My pain is approaching.

Soon, very soon, a perfectly good summer will be ruined by anger, disgust, disbelief, and sorrow.

Still, go Cubs! And please, please, PLEASE don't pick up Brian Roberts. You'll pay him a bunch of money that he doesn't deserve (he's average, at best), he'll come to Wrigley as a highly touted savior, and he'll biff. He'll biff hard. He'll biff hard into the dirt and have no more than ten homers, ten TIMES that in strikeouts, and he'll take a few trips to Des Moines over the season so that he may spread his mediocrity to other parts of the organization.


andrewswift said...

I wish I could write another baseball column, but I think Jon would be mad at me.

Nate said...

Andrew, I think that's the point of the blog. IT'S NOT EDITED! Go for it, my man!

Jon Gold said...

I feel like I have less of a connection with Cub fans now that my Red Sox have won two Series titles in four years. Not on my end; I've still got all the sympathy in the world for Cub fans, but they seem to have no goodwill left for me. I mean, you idiots were rooting for the Rockies in the last series! Who roots for the damn Rockies?!

And yes, Jon would be incensed if you wrote another baseball column.

andrewswift said...

What if it was about how much the Yankees sucked? And how stupid their fans are because the NY Post freaked out when a study came out that said Jeter suxorz defensively (soooo true).

Jon Gold said...

I'm sorry, what's Jeter meant to be doing defensively? No leet on the blog, on pain of pwnage!