Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The results are in

Another day, another Obama victory. The Illinois senator has been projected to win in both state casting ballots tonight: along with Maryland and Virginia, Obama also took Washington, DC, where he hopes to be working this time next year.

On the Republican side, John McCain has essentially sealed up his nomination (if he didn't already) with three convincing wins of his own. While friends and coworkers have insisted recently that Mike Huckabee should finally end his campaign, I've saluted his ability to remain competitive in many states--even winning a few along the way, too.

Sure, we at the DI are certainly patting ourselves on the backs for predicting this one back in December when we endorsed these two candidates. Who would have thought that we'd be talking so much about McCain and Obama right now, though? Not me, for one.

I've tried to predict this election season and haven't had any luck, to be honest. I expected Rudy Giuliani would be the one attempting to convince the Christian right that he was an honest conservative. After McCain's awful re-mix of the Beach Boy's ("Bomb, bomb, Iran"), he was pretty much dead in my book. Not so.

And then Obama comes from behind and wins Iowa, slips a little over the next few weeks, and reemerges a contender (if not the party front-runner).

It's a fun time to be a political writer.

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andrewswift said...

Real fun time, indeed.