Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thank you to the NY Times

Oh, Times. I don't read you more than once or twice a week. I pick you up on Sundays because the Sunday Trib has blown goats the last few weeks. You don't give me much, except for some decent front-page stuff. Your sports section is horrid, your arts section is so irrelevant and full of snooty garbage. So honestly your periodic scoops are about all you offer me, other than a chance to drop an extra quarter.

I was disappointed when you broke this story on McCain. Yes, it needs to be reported, but by who? And where? This is more fitting for Extra! or Hollywood Tonight or People magazine. The steaming, foul stools; floaters of the news business. They are perfect for this sort of information.

My esteemed editor has already touched on this issue. My point in this post is to thank you, NY Times, for the reaction you caused Rush Limbaugh to have.

I take so much joy from watching his stupid, screeching, swollen mass bobbing up and down in that poor chair of his, spasming at the unfortunate (for other GOP candidates) timing of the NY Times article. His hateful "eevil librul" rants get more and more venomous. I love it. I drink it up. It is my milkshake!


Jon Gold said...

Why is anything involving violins or tutus "snooty garbage?" Philistine.

Nate said...

It's always the most out-of-the-way snobbery, like a recipe for roasted almond and yeti cheese hummus, or some designer in one of the boroughs who charges $800 for a purse made of Perrier labels but she's "So fabulous!"
And don't call me Phil.

Kathleen said...

You say that Limbaugh was bobbing in his chair and spasming? Maybe he wasn't angry, he was just making fun of Michael J. Fox again.

Although, I do think it's interesting to question how long the Times sat on this one. It happened how many years ago?!?

Jon Gold said...

You run stories when they're ready, I guess.