Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro calls it quits

It only took about 50 years and 10 U.S. presidents, but Fidel Castro is finally stepping down as Cuba's president. It's widely expected that his brother (who's not so young or youthful either) will succeed him in the coming days.

John Negroponte says the embargo will continue, sad news for US teens (the ones of-age, naturally) and young adults hoping to ring in a new American president this November with a fine Cuban cigar. That is, unless President Bush takes one from the book of ole Fidel and steps down in late October to name Jeb the next commander-in-chief. Seriously, it could happen.

We've been expecting Fidel's downfall for years. Frankly, I'm surprised it took this long. I wonder if the US will temporarily allow American students to travel there; spring break is just around the corner, and it's exactly the kind of PR we need right now--if Congress and the White House can't practice bipartisanship, perhaps we could find it in Cuba. Senators Clinton, Obama, and McCain will certainly call for democracy in Cuba; somebody might have to remind Huckabee who Castro is (he's not much of a foreign policy guy, that Huckabee).

Fidel Castro: Stealing the spotlight when my home state, Wisconsin, goes to the polls today. I should have seen it coming.


andrewswift said...

Judging by McCain and Clinton's votes for the Iraq War, they aren't much of foreign policy people, either.

Jon Gold said...

!Cigarros o muerte!